Why make your flat or house more sustainable?


Why make your flat or house more sustainable?

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Sustainability is a rising value in society and there is no shortage of reasons for this. Having a sustainable home will allow you to reduce your utility consumption – and therefore save on your bills -, live in harmony with nature, and many other benefits. Furthermore, if your rental building meets the necessary conditions, it can obtain BREEAM® accreditation and enjoy additional prestige.

The architectural design of a sustainable flat or house 

Sustainable architecture is conceived and planned with the goal of minimising its environmental impact in terms of the materials and the building systems employed. The use of renewable energies, thermal comfort management, good insulation, noise reduction and recycling throughout the process are some of the sustainability guarantees provided by Be Casa Essential.

The main goals of building a sustainable house are to save as much energy as possible and to get the most out of the energy the house receives. To achieve these goals, it is important to bear the following in mind:

  • The use of ecological and environmentally friendly materials that have an insulating effect, such as PVC or stone. In this regard, Be Casa Essential goes further and collaborates with suppliers with a proven commitment to the responsible management of these materials.
  • The location and orientation of the building are essential elements in order to take advantage of natural conditions and, therefore, reduce the resident’s energy requirements.
  • An important aspect is to install energy efficient appliances with energy labelling and energy efficient lighting to save energy. The use of efficient heating mechanisms, such as underfloor heating, is also important. Similarly, saving water is also a key factor through the use of efficient taps and bathroom fittings, and flow reducers.

Benefits or impact on sustainable households 

Seeking and finding harmony with the environment and saving energy has many benefits:

  • Reduced CO2 and NOX emissions: sustainable buildings generate less pollution and also encourage other ‘green’ habits. The homes designed by Be Casa Essential feature highly efficient heating systems and recycling systems throughout the construction and use cycle.
  • Promoting bio-healthy habits: the homes are guaranteed to be located close to public transport lines (bus, train and metro). The green areas and trees help to alleviate the effects of the heat on the hottest days. In addition, the area around these properties favours the use of bicycles and, within the building itself, electric car charging points are provided. Small steps towards a better life.
  • Saving money: implementing sustainable measures reduces energy consumption, water consumption and maintenance-related costs. In addition, the quality of the property increases and, therefore, so does its value. 
  • It provides greater well-being: a ‘green home’ improves the quality of life. For example, insulation results in a comfortable temperature and less noise which, in turn, is likely to improve your sleeping habits and mood. 

Tips to keep in mind when making your home more sustainable 

  • Use sustainable materials and optimise recycling: Be Casa Essential uses materials with a low environmental impact. In addition, all the waste generated is stored and, where possible, recycled.
  • Installing self-sufficiency systems: the use of solar panels or wind turbines to support the energy consumption of the house, and geothermal or biomass systems to heat your home, will be a great step forward in terms of reducing energy consumption. 
  • The use of home automation systems: being able to programme the heating system remotely, switch the lights and the irrigation system on and off… makes your home more sustainable. 
  • Organic waste management: use waste to generate compost for the flower or vegetable garden at home. 
  • Water: the installation of water tanks or the reuse of water from showers and toilets for irrigation purposes can help to reduce water consumption.
  • Use a good ventilation and extraction system: preventing air stagnation and reducing the risk of fire are also important elements of sustainability. 
  • Plants: plant species regulate humidity, improve aromas, and also reduce sounds coming from outside. They also provide us with a little piece of nature at home and allow us to introduce a sense of ecology into the little things we do. 

Be Casa Essential provides long-term rentals in sustainable, BREEAM®-certified homes that are well connected by public transport. If you need more information, please contact us.



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