Communal facilities: rules, benefits, and types


Communal facilities: rules, benefits, and types

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Do you want to live in a comfortable, sustainable property with all the necessary services at your fingertips? If the answer is “yes”, Be Casa Essential offers long-term rentals in newly built properties, with services, such as 24-hour CCTV, maintenance, fire detection systems, bicycle parking, and electric car charging points. Furthermore, one of the main benefits of this type of building is the communal facilities, which combine a sense of community, quality of life, mental well-being, and physical exercise in a single space. Discover them!

What are the communal facilities in a building? 

Within a community of neighbours, communal facilities are those that can be used by all residents. An example of these facilities would be the basic areas (entrance hall, stairs, lift, corridors…); but most importantly, a wide variety of other services, such as a pool, social club, gym, roof terrace, solarium, children’s playgrounds, gardens, and much more. All these facilities are subject to certain rules and must be properly maintained.

What does the Commonhold Property Law cover?

On a legal level, the Commonhold Property Law regulates the operation of communities of proprietors, a special category established in Article 396 of the Civil Code. This concept of ownership is defined in the Civil Code as “the right of co-ownership over the communal elements of the building, which are all those required for its proper use and enjoyment”. The list is long: floor, roof, covered foundations; structural elements such as pillars, beams, floor slabs, load-bearing walls, terrace cladding, balconies and windows. It also includes private elements, such as the vestibule, stairways, corridors, passages, walls, pits, courtyards, wells, lifts, meters, telephone lines or communal services.

Furthermore, it includes elements such as water, gas and electricity piping, including solar energy, domestic hot water, heating, air conditioning, ventilation or smoke evacuation, fire prevention, and electronic intercom or telecommunication antennas.

Finally, all the service facilities (swimming pools, gyms, gardens, parks, etc.) and, in general, all the elements that are indivisible. 

Regarding the ownership regime of the communal facilities, the law establishes that each flat or premises is assigned a participation quota based on the total value of the property and expressed in hundredths of the value of the same. 

At this point, it is important to define the use of these communal facilities. Article 9 of the Commonhold Property Law requires each neighbour to respect these areas, to maintain them, to allow entry into their flat for repairs or renovations related to the communal facilities and also to pay a fee for the proper maintenance of these areas. In short, neighbours should be able to use these areas in an orderly and safe manner, avoiding conflicts.

Benefits of communal facilities: Hygiene and cleanliness

As required by the regulations, communal facilities must be kept in good repair. To this end, hygiene and cleanliness are essential. The pool requires the use of chemicals and safety measures, the lawn has to be mowed, and the machines in the sports facilities may break down. In all these cases and for all these tasks, Be Casa Essential offers assistance and support to keep your home in a perfect state of repair. Discover the facilities in brand new homes!

Fitness areas and gyms

Exercise is essential to avoid sedentary lifestyles and maintain good health. It also helps you to relieve stress after a hard day’s work. The best of all is that you can train without leaving home in an indoor gym -equipped with weights, machines and an area dedicated to yoga- and outdoors -which some of our buildings have- with TRX equipment to get your body and mind in shape. No more excuses!

Gastrotheque areas

These establishments allow you to enjoy haute cuisine while maintaining the familiar atmosphere of a bar. The blend of tradition and modernity will be a delight to your palate and that of your neighbours. They are also a great place to build meet people, make friends and turn your community into one big family.

Gardens and picnic areas 

The green areas are a great place to relax, sunbathe after a dip, simply enjoy nature, or walk your pet in a peaceful environment. Yes! At Be Casa Essential, we are pet friendly! In summer, eating outside is always an option, and there’s no better place to do so than in the picnic area.

Children’s playgrounds

These playgrounds are places where children can grow and play safely. It is a perfect environment for families, where they can enjoy swings, slides or other equipment in the privacy of the community. It is the ideal space for them to develop, gain autonomy and interact with their environment. Now that you are aware of the importance of the communal facilities, if you want to know more about what Be Casa Essential has to offer, you are in the right place. Please contact us using the following form. An environment of the highest quality and with all necessary services awaits you.



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