Tips. What are the best Apps for decorating your home?


Tips. What are the best Apps for decorating your home?

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Turning our apartment into a cosy home depends to a large extent on the decoration. The furniture, the colours, the lighting or the arrangement of items are all ways of getting the most out of our home. Fortunately, technology is also helping, and several Apps make this process easier. Some are even free. They include features such as augmented reality and 3D imaging. 

How do home decorating Apps work?

Before these apps came along, we had to think and imagine how to decorate houses or rooms. Today, this is no longer necessary. These applications allow us to visualise our home and find the ideal combination. No more headaches and moving furniture around endlessly. Fortunately, everything is simpler and easier to achieve. 

Although each App has its unique features, they can all be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple Store. They all allow you to create an actual plan of the house so that you can adjust it to size and find out if there is room for a given piece of furniture you like so much.

In the case of Be Casa Essential, the houses are delivered unfurnished, with the exception of the kitchen, which is fully equipped. Using one of the available apps can be a good option. And if decoration is not your thing, at Be Casa Essential, we have a decoration service available in two styles: cosmopolitan and Scandinavian. 

3D home decorating Apps.

Three dimensionality has many advantages. Firstly, it provides a sense of realism and volume. In addition, the use of augmented reality allows you to simulate that you are walking around the house. Unlike typical, more abstract plans, this configuration will allow you to know exactly which spaces you want to fill and the most efficient way to do so. We propose two of the best options:

  • Moblo 3D furniture modelling: in this case, the possibilities are even greater. With this App, you can shape and draw personalised furniture. Thanks to augmented reality, you can see your ideas come true. Personalisation is guaranteed, as users create their designs with their fingertips. It can also be used for more complex interior design projects.
  • 3D Room Designer: the App, available on Play Store, allows you to create customised floor plans and choose new furniture from a catalogue of 3D furniture products. It makes everything easy with its pre-designed templates for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or bathrooms, and a designer provides advice and ideas for your project. 

The best home decorating Apps

Below, we have listed the best options for decorating your home:

  • HomeByMe: available on both Android and iOS, this App incorporates more than 20,000 different products from a variety of brands. This extensive directory can be achieved thanks to the contributions of its community of users. The user then adds the desired furniture to the room and can view it in 3D. Best of all, you don’t need a connection 
  • Magicplan: also available on iOS and Android. This option is ideal for experts. Using real photographs of your home, the programme measures distances, calculates the square footage needed and even estimates potential budgets for the desired renovations.
  • IKEA Home Planner: the popular Swedish furniture brand also has its own application. Using 2D or 3D, you can decorate your home with products from this Scandinavian brand. 
  • Adobe Capture CC: if you want to design your home correctly, you mustn’t forget about colour. This application – on iOS and Play Store – allows you to take photographs and, from there, design vectors or colour palettes to achieve the range you want. If you are an experienced handyman, make sure you have this option on your phone.
  • Planner 5D: its name comes from the combination of 2D and 3D. First, you can make a 2D plan and then visualise it in 3D. Another useful feature is its hints and tips guide. 

Now you know the best options for decorating your home. If you are looking for a long-term, sustainable rental arrangement, please contact Be Casa Essential using the form below.



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